Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Photo Diary of "Me, Myself and I."

This is a follow up blog to yesterday's post "Me, Myself and I." These are a few pictures I took while hanging out in the Atrium on Bay.


Spring Rolls: I didn't take this photo, but I thought it was quite lovely

 My Precious book!!! Shout outs to BMV!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Me, Myself and I.

Let me start off by saying I haven't been too regular on my blog lately and frankly... it was because I really had nothing to say. But, the creative juices are flowing once again! =)

This past weekend presented me with an unexpected surprise. My husband had to go to downtown for work and I decided to tag along. While he kept himself occupied with a University presentation, I decided to become a tourist in my own city. I was walking on the University campus and noticed a quaint little park where I could sit, relax and read my book (Jane Eyre.) I stayed there for a good hour or so, until I decided I wanted to keep my hunt going to find some more hidden gems. I found a shortcut which lead to the heart of downtown; Yonge & Dundas Square. I walked towards the Eaton Centre but unfortunately, got really overwhelmed by all the noise, religious fanatics giving away free Bible, and people dancing and/or playing instruments on the street corner. I quickly made my way safe into the mall until I realized; the weather is gorgeous outside, do I really want to stay stuck inside all afternoon?! I attempted to make my way through all the rowdiness and shortly after escaping a man telling me I need Jesus to "save me", I saw a huge sign that read "World's Biggest Bookstore." Mind you, there is nothing I love more than libraries and book stores. I walked towards it but before I got to it I noticed a tiny "BMV" right next to it.

I've heard great things about BMV from a handful of my friends. Now what could be better than purchasing books in good condition for a fraction of the cost? As soon as I stepped in, the first thing I noticed was a sign on the wall which read "no cell phone use." This immediately put a smile on my face... I managed to survive busy Dundas Square, and even better, found a quiet little book store where noise is not allowed; could the afternoon get any better? I browsed around and found several books to my liking, with unbeatable prices also to my liking! I could have walked out the store with at least 10 books that afternoon but the first book I thought of was "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." Let me give you a little back story; this is my all time favourte book and I've always picked it up at Chapters'/Indigo thinking if I should buy it or not; hardcover $29.99, paperback $14.99. I always ended up putting it back saying to myself "one day... but not today." I asked the clerk if they had that book in stock and lucky for me, they did. Even luckier for me, it only cost $5.99 for a hardcover, in almost perfect condition! Even then, I was about to put it down, but told myself that I've waited long enough and today is the day! So I bought it and now I finally have my favourite book in my home library!

After making my purchase, I went back to my park bench and continued reading Jane Eyre, this time doing so with an even bigger smile on my face. Lunch time came, so I bought myself some food at Tim Hortons, and kept myself company at the campus' outdoor patio. After finishing my bagel and Iced Capp, I realized I still had some time to kill. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give Dundas Square and Eaton Centre another go. On my way there, I found a doorway which lead to "The Atrium on Bay." This was new to me, I'd never seen it before. Considering that I'd already seen the Eaton Centre before but had never even noticed the Atrium, I decided to go there instead. It was quiet, many of the stores were closed, but I found the building architecture breathtaking. I did the only thing I could think of at this point; I enjoyed myself. Before I knew it, the afternoon was over and it was time to go home. Little did I know me, myself and I would keep me such great company on a lovely Sunday afternoon.