Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Humble Authors

Whoever follows my blog knows what a huge fan I am of young adult fantasy author Cinda Williams Chima. I've read all of her books, (excluding her latest release The Crimson Crown.) One of my favourite thing about her books is that none of the characters are one dimensional. The protagonists (as well as the antagonists) show immense growth through out the stories. Never have I fallen so in love with a book series (and it's characters) as I did with the Seven Realms and the Heir Chronicles.

What I find even more impressive is the connection Chima has with her fans via facebook and twitter. I often forget there a real person behind every great story, but receiving replies to facebook messages and tweets from Mrs. Chima is a good reminder. It is not every day that you meet a best-selling author who is so down to earth.

I can think of a handful of big shot authors who may have forgotten to eat their slice of humble pie.

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