Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Book Review 1: The Wizard Heir

When I was about fifteen, I got introduced to the magical world of Harry Potter. After seven books, numerous character deaths, and a very memorable midnight release party for the Deathly Hallows, I finally said goodbye to my friend Harry in the summer of 2007. After mourning the end of Harry Potter, I didn't think I'd ever fall in love with another book character again. I spent months trying to find some good fantasy reads, and that is how I discovered The Wizard Heir. The book synopsis sounded dark and interesting so I decided to pick it up hoping for an enjoyable read. Much to my contentment, that's exactly what I got. And so began my love affair with Seph McCauley. The Wizard Heir is about a sixteen year old boy named Seph who keeps getting kicked out of prestigious private schools and is unable to control his magic within. He is unaware (or anaweir) of his origins and that's what keeps the readers second guessing from chapter to chapter. Cinda Williams Chima does a great job of hooking readers into the story and keeping you at the edge of your seat throughout the entirety of the book. It was a good old fashioned page turner, and FYI, I've had a lot of trouble finding those lately. One of the many reasons I kept reading was because I wanted to know if Seph ever finds his Weirbook or not. The only unfortunate thing was when I started reading The Wizard Heir, I thought it was Book 1 in the Heir Chronicles, but it's actually Book 2. (Book 1: The Warrior Heir, Book 2: The Wizard Heir and Book 3: The Dragon Heir. Keep in mind, The Warrior Heir and The Wizard Heir are companion novels. Therefore, can still be read as stand alones.) Although I found The Warrior Heir and The Wizard Heir equally enjoyable, I would have preferred to read them in chronological order, but that's just me. I would recommend this book series to anyone who loves fantasy, magic and is not afraid of a little bit of gore. I am pleased to learn that Chima will be adding two more books to this series, possibly titled The Sorcerer Heir and The Enchanter Heir. In the mean time, The Dragon Heir is sitting on my book shelf waiting to be read!

Happy Reading!  


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