Tuesday, 10 April 2012

So many Books to Read, So Little Time.

I have so many borrowed books, purchased books, and library books sitting in my shelf which have not been touched for weeks! I feel like I'm betraying my one true love (reading). Life has just gotten so busy, that it's given me very little time to relax. I've been so busy with studying, taking extra curricular classes, volunteering and two book clubs that I've had very little time to read. (Two book clubs are keeping me too busy to read?! Oh, the irony...) My point is, I have very little time to read the books I want to read.

Let's be honest, many of the book club books do end up being boring. I have an ever growing list of books I've been meaning to read for fun. Such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Outlander, The Coffeehouse Angel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Gray Wolf Throne, and many more. I just haven't been able to manage my time well enough to get all these books incorporated into my reading schedule.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to anything, please comment below to help me read these untouched books! They deserve to be enjoyed. =)


  1. well... I'd drop the book clubs for starters. Especially if you're not really enjoying them.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Andrew. I should have clarified, I actually love going to book club lol. But as mentioned, sometimes the book IS boring. I am part of 2: 1 with friends, and 1 at the library. I was considering maybe dropping one of them, as my busy schedule isn't giving me enough time to read for pleasure anymore. My friends and I all love reading, so to do something that we all enjoy together is something I like. And with the library one, many of the other members are elderly so it's interesting to see their various perspectives on the book. But I have thought about leaving the library one. Thanks again!