Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Going Down My List.

So, some time ago I made a list of books I wanted to read. This book list is ever growing and never ending. Every time I hear about an interesting book, I add it to my TBR (AKA, "to be read") list/pile. For the longest time, I felt like this list was just growing and none of the books were being read. Furthermore, I bought so many books, and received so many as gifts that I was just overwhelmed with books everywhere!

Finally, this list seems to be slowly shrinking! Ever since I dropped one of my book clubs, I seem to have more time to read some of the books I want to read, not what I have to read. Also, I stopped taking random books out of the library, and some of the books I have on hold are currently on "inactive." This way I can read some of the books I have at home before reading library books.

So far, some of the books I've been able to cross off my list have been the following: The Coffehouse Angel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Room, and currently reading The Lucky One.

Please note: Some books which were previously on my list, I don't want to read anymore. Plus, there have been some new books added to it! lol.

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