Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Two Down, A Million to Go!

I learned a neat little trick from one of my dear friends, on how to read your books. I am not taking any extra books out of the library anymore. The only items I ever take out from the library are (one) book club book, DVDs and the occasional magazine. So every month, I read 2 books and alternate: one book club book, and one of my own books. Ever since I joined the two book clubs, reading just became a chore and I began dreading to read all those (boring) book club books. But, my love of reading has been restored. Yay!

So far, out of my own books, I completed The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and am now reading the first Game of Thrones book by George R.R. Martin. Technically, Game of Thrones is not mine. I borrowed it from a family member almost a year ago, so I thought I should read it and finally return it!

Most of the books on my shelf are books which I purchased from a Clearance Book Sale last March (2012), that took place at the Toronto Reference Library. (Note: 14 used books for the awesome price of just $4.00!!!!!) The sale happened again a couple of weeks ago, and although I was tempted to go, I held back! I thought to myself: This sale happens every year. Let me just make my way through the books I currently own, and if I successfully read all of them in the next year, I can always go back to the book sale in 2014.

It will take a long time to finish reading all the books on my shelf, of course. There are almost 20 books on there, and some of them are book 1 of a series, so I will probably want to go and read the entire series! But I'm making my way through it, and even slow progress is still progress! =)

Happy Reading! 

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