Thursday, 24 October 2013

Small Town Library

My husband and I recently moved from a big city to a very small town. Amongst many differences between city life and country life, even the public library was very different from the ones in the big city. I went in today (for the first time) to make my new library card. The library is a quaint little building, it almost looks like a small house. The upstairs is the library portion, and the downstairs is a small thrift shop which sells used items (like clothes, toys, kitchenware, etc.) and all proceeds go to the library. When I first walked in, I couldn't help but notice the warm welcome I got from the librarians on duty. There were three female workers who welcomed me with open arms and big smiles. They were super friendly, and it almost felt like we'd been friends for years. When I looked over the front counter I noticed a dog in the library! Well that was a first for me! As far as I understand, the public libraries in Toronto don't allow animals! To my surprise, the dog actually belonged to one of the librarians. Just a lady bringing her dog to work! At the LIBRARY! The book, DVD and magazine selection was very small. However, they did have well known authors and I even saw a few best sellers. Even though they don't have quantity, they still have quality. After I was done browsing through the library, I went downstairs to check out the thrift shop. The workers and customers at the thrift shop were just as friendly and welcoming as the people upstairs! My first experience in a small town library, and I loved it!

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